Traditional, Submissive Learning vs. Adaptive Instruction

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Visionary Minds was built on the belief that adaptive instruction is the key to student success.Traditional instruction relies on a submissive approach that leaves students susceptible to falling behind.

In many cases, students are reluctant to notify the instructor about any misunderstanding or confusion regarding the lesson at hand.

If the instructor then moves ahead to the next lesson without ensuring that every student is on the same page, the lessons to follow will create even more confusion, especially if related to the previous one.

As a solution to this problem, the Visionary Minds test software enables instructors to adaptively educate students with the ability to immediately identify and overcome struggles on the fly.




Comprehensive Questions Banks

Question Bank Interface

The Visionary Minds comprehensive question bank is larger and more complex than you can imagine. Instructors can input and completely organize lists upon lists of questions into the comprehensive question bank, providing for the most efficient and effective resource to build in-class and homework assignments as well as exams. The Visionary Minds question bank also helps to prevent duplicate questions, which can significantly minimize the overall learning experience.

Instructor-Lockable Assignments

A locked assignment

Every instructor knows that keeping the class on the same page is the key to success. Visionary Minds helps facilitate this process through instructor-lockable assignments. Instructors can lock or unlock homework assignments with the click of a button by designating the start and stop times. Visionary Minds essentially opens a universal window of time for students to complete assignments, keeping everyone at the same pace. Instructor-lockable assignments also ensure that no student skips ahead to lessons planned for a later date.

In-Class Statistics

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Visionary Minds offers in-class statistics that greatly benefit the learning process. Instructors will enjoy a simple, user-friendly interface that accurately reports on valuable statistics including in-class, homework and exam grades. The Visionary Minds test software also helps instructors, students and parents alike gauge individual academic performance in comparison to the entire class.



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Instructors gain the unique opportunity to adaptively educate students on a personal and individual basis. Visionary Minds enables instructors to immediately identify any issues with a student and establish a learning solution. While traditional instruction that relies on a submissive approach leaves students susceptible to falling behind, the adaptive instruction available with Visionary Minds ensures every student is on the same page.


Visionary Minds benefits students by always ensuring the optimal use of their time. The adaptive and non-submissive learning experience provided by the Visionary Minds test software helps students overcome personal struggles as quickly as possible and prevents students from falling behind. Before the instructor moves on to lesson B, Visionary Minds ensures all students understand lesson A.

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Progress is important to parents, which is why Visionary Minds grants all parents access to in-class, homework and exam statistics. The incredibly agile Visionary Minds test software helps parents gauge exactly how well the student is performing in class from test grades to time spent on homework assignments and also in comparison to other students. No longer will a failing student fly under the radar.



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